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Falling For Ann-Gibson Family Book 1

Being stood up by a blind date had to be one of the biggest insults ever; but for Ann Gibson, being stood up ended up being a fantastic opportunity. She met Graham Adams. Both Ann and Graham struggle with the idea they are falling fast and hard for each other. But could a case of mistaken identity ultimately end the blooming relationship?

Temptation-Gibson Family Book 2

Since the first time his sister introduced him to her, Auggie couldn’t stop thinking about Tawny Thornton. Tawny was everything any man wanted, and he wanted her. So much so that it almost scared him. He couldn’t imagine himself with anyone but her. Could he possibly lure her to leave the life she’d known try a traditional relationship rather than an arranged business agreement?


Tawny hadn’t thought much about Auggie Gibson until he disturbed her brunch and propositioned her to consider a traditional dating relationship with him instead of one of convenience and sex. She quickly learned Auggie was everything she ever wanted in a man. Could she have a relationship other than what she’d always known?

Third Time's The Charm-Gibson Family Book 3

Anthony “Tony” Gibson and Ekaterina “Kat” Randall have a long and rocky history. They were high school sweethearts who have already started over once before. Now, both were in the same city for the first time in years and constantly having to deal with each other at family gatherings. Attempting to finally resolve and move past the incident resulting in their second break-up, Tony and Kat try to deal with their feelings for each other while attempting to figure out who is intentionally targeting Kat and face the newest challenge thrown their way.

Can they get it right this time? After all, the third time’s the charm, right?

American Book Awards-Finalist in Contemporary Romance

Supposed To Be-Gibson Family Book 4

Adam Gibson was burned once by love. Finally deciding to stick his toe back into the dating pool, the first date goes badly. However, it is not a total loss. Can he convince Samantha to set aside her own issues and embrace what is supposed to be?

Samantha Winters lost her husband to a roadside bombing in Afghanistan. Piecing her life back together over the past 2 years, she meets Adam while he is on his disastrous date. Can she embrace what he is offering or will she give in to the guilt and stay shackled to a ghost?



2019 Silver Winner in Romance/Erotica-Contemporary Romance Global eBook Awards!

2019 Book Excellence Awards Finalist in Romance! 

Stay With Me-Gibson Family Book 5

Three reasons...Two weeks...One Island

Andrew "Drew" Gibson accepted an impromptu offer from Taylor Michaels to use his private island for two weeks.  Recent changes in his family left him feeling lost, alone, and questioning his football future. Little did he know, he would meet her.

McKenzie "Kenzie" Oliver needed to get away after her broken engagement, accusations of breach of contract, and a much needed break during her worldwide concert tour. A misunderstanding in the booking system for the island resulted in a chance meeting with him. 


Until You-Gibson Family Book 6

Alexander Gibson needs a reputation overhaul or his contract is in danger. The new owner has decided to uphold the image clause and Alex cannot continue to change women like his underwear. Struggling with his own demon, he decides to give them a fake relationship. He decides he knows the perfect person to help him with that. He needed someone he could be attracted to in order to make this fake relationship believable—the extremely sexy caterer who backed into his car on the day of Adam’s wedding was perfect. 

Shocked at Alex’s proposal, Jeanna Frasier turns him down. Just a few days later, her baby sister calls to say she is getting married—leaving her the last of her siblings unmarried and under intense pressure from her mother to settle down.  When she claims to be seeing someone named Alex who plays baseball, Alex happens to be present and she agrees to be his pretend girlfriend as long as he attends her sister’s wedding as well.

Will the fake relationship cause further complications in their lives as people from their past surface and wreak havoc?

A Gibson Family Holiday-Gibson Family Book 7

Coming November 2020!

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