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2021 American Writing Awards Finalist

2022 Book Excellence Awards Winner

Welcome to Liaisons. Originally formed as a membership only sex club where our members and their guests can satisfy a vast array of appetites. Membership at Liaisons can make your wildest dreams come true if you’re willing. Confidentially is paramount to the club and we keep many secrets… some more titillating than others.


Meet one of our members, Jon Vargas. Jon is the owner of a world renowned security company and recently permanently relocated to Charleston, South Carolina. He’s been a member of Liaisons for six years and is a sought after bed partner at the club. Being the owner of a security company, Jon is the keeper of many secrets—some are his, but most belong to others. Discretion is definitely his forte if you feel it necessary. Jon also has no issue with multiple bed partners, if you get our meaning…


Angela Bennett is under review for membership. Angela currently works as an ER nurse and has led a reasonably quiet life in Charleston. At least that’s what we’ve learned in a preliminary background check. Well, that is, if you don’t count the one situation, that would certainly disqualify her for membership if it is true. Sparks flew the first night Angela visited the club. A delicious rumor spread through the club about an encounter between Angela, Jon, and three other members in one of our famous playrooms, leads one to speculate what the actual relationship between her and Jon is.


When secrets supposedly long buried surface in their new relationship, Angela and Jon face an anonymous adversary bent on ruining everything.


Will the secrets tear them apart or bring them closer together? After all, keeping secrets is a dangerous business.

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