Welcome to Liaisons. A place where your wildest dreams come true.

Please review the rules in your membership package. Failure to follow these rules will lead to the immediate termination of membership and legal (criminal and/or civil) consequences.

Your membership includes access to the bar and lounge seven days a week. The playrooms are first come, first serve.

The club allows each member one non-member guest per week (a week is Sunday-Saturday). The member is responsible for the behavior of their guest. Non-members must sign a release upon arrival that ensures confidentiality of the members of the club. Any guest who attends over three times must apply for membership.

Each member and non-member set their limits in the playrooms. These limits are not up for negotiation. Violating the limits of other members or guests will lead to the immediate termination of membership along with criminal and/or civil charges.

The club does not tolerate illegal substances or illegal acts on the property and use of these substances or participation in these acts on club property will lead the termination of your membership and criminal and/or civil action.

All members of the club and their guests must be twenty-one years of age or older. There are no exemptions to this policy.

By signing below, you submit to a background check. Your membership is contingent on a background check.

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