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As a self-published author, the printing process is different from your traditionally published authors. Each book is printed on demand (when an order is placed). You can order print copies from Amazon only at the moment. Other opportunities to order print books from retailers is coming soon!
You can also order the books directly from me through this page. Tax and shipping (via USPS at the media mail rate only) are already included in the price you see here. Please indicate if you wish for the book to be signed (one of the benefits of ordering from me) and if you wish for a specific name is to be written in the book. There is a place to write special instructions when you get ready to check out and this is where I would like to ask you to include that information to me. 
Print Copy Book Sale! (Shipping and tax still included in the pricing of the book). 
Buy 2- get 20% off          (Coupon code BUY2)
Buy 3- get 25% off           (Coupon code BUY3)
Buy 4- get 30% off          (Coupon code BUY4)
Buy 5- get 35% off           (Coupon code BUY5)
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Gibson Family Series

Because of  You Series

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