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Happy Fall!

Happy Fall Readers!

I say that because the cooler temps have FINALLY arrived here in South Carolina and they are FANTASTIC! I think fall is one of my favorite times of the year (summer is my other favorite time because I spend a fair amount at a beach somewhere in the world then). I can curl up and read with a cup of coffee or hot tea. Today’s plan is to sit and write and get the final book in the Gibson Family Series FINISHED! I had an online course end this week and am not teaching in the next term to give myself a much needed break over the holidays (online classes for some online only schools often run over the holidays, which means I never stopped teaching all year for about 10 years! I need to the break). My local classes are hitting the home stretch there with just a few weeks left in the term. I’ve checked in already this morning to see if they are on track for the day, so I am going to go back my cheesy Christmas movie marathon and work on this book and will check in again on them later.

So you know: I am loving A Gibson Family Holiday, even if it is taking me a bit longer to do because of all the characters! Almost every single Gibson character appears in them in some way, shape, or form and it is a bit time consuming. Plus you are getting the backstory on how Nita and Austin met (AWWWW… a little sappy and sweet, but I think you’ll love it) and how Brandon and Brenda met (Awwwww … and wow! There is some mystery to that one for you). I’d say about 90% of the story truly takes place over a one-week period with flashbacks tossed in.

I want to get it off to the editors this weekend (and sorry editors! I need it back in ONE WEEK because of preorder requirements on uploading). While they are working on the edits, I’m going to jump over and work on my next project for you and you’d’ better hold on to your seat! One editor said, “Move over 50 shades!” Yep, I’m getting steamer and MORE mystery. Don’t worry, for those that didn’t like those books because of the content, these are not quite the same in terms of the bondage and stuff, just a WHOLE LOT MORE STEAM and a LOT MORE MYSTERY. The first book in the new Liaisons Series is titled Liaisons. And for those of you who read the Gibson Family Series and the first book in the Because of You Series, you’ll finally (YES, FINALLY) get Jon’s story. It’s not a backstory, but rather it takes place about the same time as Someone Like You in my Because of You Series. Truthfully, when Jon emerged out of left field while working on the Gibson Family books, I didn’t know what to do with him. He’s pretty mysterious to the entire family despite the fact that he’s been involved with many of the situations they encountered and has spent some time with the family in a nonprofessional manner (hanging out watching games or as you will see in the Gibson Family Holiday he attends the boys night). I always pictured him sexy nerd (think computer genius that is totally drop dead gorgeous but doesn’t know it).

Alright, well this post is probably long enough! I need to get to work writing!

Have a good day readers!

H. Elizabeth

PS—eBook sale still going on! Check out special pricing through the end of the year!

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