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Why I've been MIA...

Hi there readers!

As I sit here with a cup of hot tea enjoying a rare, quiet day at my house, I realize that it's been a very busy few months, even with the quarantining going on. I have a brand new series out this year--Because of You. Someone Like You published in March, and the second book in the series, Led Me to You comes out September 1! That's just a few days away!

On top of all that, I'm working on the final book in the Gibson Family Series that I tabled last year because I really didn't think I could get you a great story in the short time I had available to do it. I am working away on it and loving it! In this final book, title A Gibson Family Holiday, we revisit all the children over a two week or so time period around Christmas and New Year's Eve. But that isn't all! You also, finally, get to hear Nita and Austin's story (which I've loved writing) as well as Brandon and Brenda's (which I think I've loved more than any of the other stories). The story takes place about a year after Until You ended, which helps because I have included information from the Someone Like You book and hinting at future books in that Because of You Series.

The Because of You Series originally started out about four friends, however that has changed. Now I'm using the thought "Because of was better because you were in it". I think that sums up things pretty good. Yes, friendship is a big part of it, but there is so much more too. Led Me to You certainly is about friends. This series has a lot of tie-ins with the Gibson Family.

But that isn't the only series The Gibson Family series inspired. I am busy plotting something BRAND NEW...a series that will still have heart, love, and at times family at the center; however, it's going to be a lot steamier, sexier, and just might make you blush at times. The first book is all about a character you've met--Jon Vargas, the techie, super-secret spy like, nerdy guy that handles so much for the Gibson boys. I have had a lot of fun introducing him. Check out my Instagram for a teaser.

In truth, I have two more series in the planning stages, too. Right now I have a 5 year plan and about 18 books on it to write for you!

Well, I'd better get back to finishing the print copy formatting for Led Me to You!

Chat with you soon readers!


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